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Your language trainig: Berlitz Virtual Classroom Individual Instruction

Language: Chinese

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Intensive, interactive and highly personalized


Course Content

A fully flexible course designed around you
Berlitz instructors design the content around your personal and professional goals, using course materials that are relevant to your specific interest or industry and to your language goals. Each lesson your trainer will immerse you in your target language, helping you gain the confidence you need to speak the language outside of your virtual "classroom". The immersion aspect of the Berlitz Method® ensures rapid results no matter what level of proficiency you start at.

Your advantages

Berlitz Virtual Individual Instruction at a glance:
  • Design your own intensive, one-on-one language course
  • Live lessons from anywhere that fit in with your schedule (24/7)
  • Experience fast, effective learning for all language levels using the Berlitz Method®
  • Benefit from flexibility in location and course duration


  • Language: Chinese
  • Start level: Berlitz Levels/CEF Level: For everyone
  • Location: BVC Location Switzerland

It's possible to join your language course at any Berlitz/CEF level.

Additional level information

After a personal assessment in your local language center, we will discuss how you would like to use your chosen language. Based on this, we'll define together your personal language goal. Here we'll consider the number of lessons required, and will define the lesson plan together with you.

Additional level information


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Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

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