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Business Workshop Course language: Your Location: ALL
  Period: 4 days Number of lessons: 16
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Number of lessons*: 16
Course duration 4 days
*One lesson unit is 45 minutes / incl. 5 minutes break.
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Business Workshop 480,00 CHF
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Total cost: *: 480,00 CHF
VAT included (0%) 0,00 CHF

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Business Workshop

The goal-oriented compact training. Choose from the comprehensive range of Berlitz workshops: effective language training for all employees who want to master work-related content in the selected target language in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of our Workshops:
  • Compact training with agreed course content
  • 4 - 8 participants in each workshop
  • Workshops are adapted according to the participants' previous knowledge
Business Workshop

Make no false promises
Meetings have their own culture and often their own specific dynamics as well. The aim of this workshop is to equip you with the language skills necessary to participate in important international meetings, and to enable you to hold work meetings of your own. If all these aspects are successfully achieved, then meetings can even be fun!

Workshop topics:

  • Scheduling meetings - in person and in writing
  • Drafting an agenda
  • Opening and concluding meetings
  • Providing sound arguments
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Familiarizing yourself with the different meeting formats: brainstorming, decision-making, telephone conferences

Saturday 09:30 - 12:30


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+41 800 252500

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Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm


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