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Your language trainig: Intensive Group Instruction

Language: Spanish

Kursname: Alhambra 2019 B

Your Location: Zürich

Period: 20 weeks

Tentative Start Date: 10.09.2019

Your selected number of lessons: 60

Total: 1.798,00 CHF

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Number of lessons*: 60
Course duration 20 weeks


Intensive Group Instruction 1.710,00 CHF
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Berlitz Material 88,00 CHF
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1.798,00 CHF
VAT included (0%) 0,00 CHF

*One lesson unit is 45 minutes / incl. 5 minutes break.

* The product price includes tax-free services according to §18 Ziff. 11 MWSTG.

Beginners course | CEF 1 Berlitz level 1


Course Content

The perfect beginning (with a fun factor)
Do you have no or only minimal knowledge, e.g. from school or a beginner's course? Then this course is perfect for you. Our native-speaker instructors motivate you to begin speaking actively. Grammar and vocabulary are conveyed in a clear manner. The aim is for you to understand everyday expressions and simple sentences, and use them in conversation.

Your advantages

Your benefits at a glance
  • 4-6 participants with similar levels of prior knowledge
  • Motivating group dynamics
  • All the benefits of the Berlitz Method®
  • Qualified native-speakers instructors
  • Intensive training


  • Language: Spanish
  • Group size: 6 Participant
  • Class time: 17:45 - 20:00
  • Start date: 10.09.2019
  • Course duration: 20 weeks
  • Course name: Alhambra 2019 B
  • Start level: Beginner
  • Location: Zürich


You have no previous knowledge of the language. Your language skills are limited to a few words.

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Berlitz Level 1 | CEF Level A 1

You can make yourself understood in simple everyday situations.

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