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Language Training for you

Language training will help you feel at home in Switzerland

Switzerland is very popular with professionals who are looking for a well-paid job. However,  in order to relocate to Switzerland it is not only important to have expert qualifications in your field of work, it is just as important to have good language skills. If this is not the case, it will be more difficult to settle down and become a full member of Swiss society. Switzerland has the particularity that there are four national languages spoken in different regions of the country: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Although English is also widely spoken – especially in the commercial world – it is absolutely essential to speak und understand the language of the area you relocate to.

German is the most common language in Switzerland. More than two-thirds of the population speak Swiss German, which includes several dialects of German that are mostly far away from the High German spoken in Germany. About 20 percent of the people in Switzerland are native speakers of French. The majority of them live in the west. In the south-east, Italian is spoken by nearly eight percent of the Swiss. A minority language in the eastern part of the country is Romansh.


Our training programmes

To quickly improve your language skills it is important to have a competent partner at your side. Berlitz is a very professional and reliable partner when it comes to learning a foreign language with relative ease within a short period of time. For more than 135 years, we have been offering customised language training for children, teenagers and adults. The proven Berlitz Method® includes lessons solely being taught in the target language. Moreover, our trainers are required to make you speak at least 50 percent of the time.

In co-operation with Hello Switzerland – an institution which informs and supports newcomers and expats in all questions of relocation in Switzerland – we offer individual language courses at a preferred rate to all expats.

Private instruction (face to face)

The most effective and efficient way to achieve rapid results is individual instruction. With this method of teaching, you enjoy the full attention of your personal instructor and lessons are geared to your specific requirements and your personal learning progress. Lessons are flexible and take place whenever your schedule allows it. The course continues as long as you need practice. Our native-speaker teachers impart their knowledge in a varied and effective way, so you will enjoy learning and will advance quickly. It is possible to start your private instruction at any level. To assess your current level, you take part in a personal assessment before your course starts. Your instruction can start at any time, quite independently from others.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Intensive training personalised to your needs
  • Fast, effective learning of your desired language
  • Qualified native-speaker instructors
  • Available for all language levels
  • Can start at any time



Private Instruction (face to face)
Private instruction (virtual classroom)

The Berlitz virtual classroom is an ideal solution if you are very busy at work and do not have much time. This course allows you a great degree of flexibility and you can attend lessons from anywhere in the world at any time. In interactive teaching lessons, a specially trained native-speaker tutor motivates you to actively speak in the new language. So, you can not only enjoy all the advantages of private instruction, but you also benefit from full flexibility as to place and time. This course is designed to suit you. In your virtual classroom you only use materials that are relevant to your specific interest or to your job and, because of this, you will reach your goals easily, in a targeted manner and quickly.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Full flexibility as to place and time
  • Motivating course that corresponds to your schedule
  • Available for all language levels
  • Can start at any time
  • Interactive lessons with a native-speaker tutor


Private Instruction Virtual
Semi-private group

This course combines the advantages of private and group instruction. In groups of 2-3 participants, you mainly practice speaking and understanding the new language – in this way, you build-up vocabulary, learn grammar easily and overcome speaking barriers while interacting with others. You spend the majority of your time in targeted conversations and practice speaking in everyday life situations or with content that is important to you. All the semi-private groups are put together with care so as to ensure that all the trainees are at the same level and have nearly the same goal. As you will get a lot of feedback from a qualified native-speaker instructor, as well as from other participants, you will increase your ability to communicate in a very short time.

Your benefits:

  • Intensive training for 2-3 trainees at the same level
  • Rapid learning curve through targeted conversations
  • Qualified native-speaker
  • Can be begun at any time
  • A lot of fun and richly diverse discussions with others


Semi Private Group
Intensive group instruction

You benefit from a set timetable and the motivation of a group lesson. The contributions of others and your own speaking help to enhance your skills. You continuously improve your knowledge in speaking, reading, understanding and writing. Vocabulary and grammar are easily expanded in conversations directed by a native-speaker teacher. The small-sized groups, with a maximum of six learners, guarantee individual support. Lively dialogues and relevant everyday themes provide variety and fun during all the lessons. As with all the other courses, you start with a personal assessment of your language skills, so that we can ensure that you and your fellow participants are at the same level. If you decide to join a group course, you will profit from a cost-effective price.

Your benefits:

  • Regular lessons at fixed times
  • Motivating group dynamics
  • Small-sized groups with 4-6 participants
  • Native speaking teacher
  • Cost-effective price
Intensive Group Instruction
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