Being the sole focus of your instructor is simply wonderful

Whenever it is a question of achieving your language aims as quickly as possible, Berlitz individual instruction offers customized solutions. Together with your study adviser you determine the content, learning speed and course times to suit your schedule and professional needs.

Enjoy maximum flexibility regarding number of classes, course plan and length of contract.

Individual Instruction Classic

Schedule your class during a certain time frame and save on the standard price.

Individual Instruction Happy Hour

The fastest and most effective private classes—you won’t find a more immersive course.

Total Immersion®

Intensive, private classes: studying where, what and when you want. Maximum flexibility for your busy schedule.

Virtual Individual Instruction

Language training abroad: private or professional, with a host family or at the hotel.

Study Abroad

Take private classes in 30-minute units over the phone.

Telephone/Skype Lessons


Our hotline phone number:

+41 800 252500

Hours of availability:

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

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