• The international camps at Berlitz offer a truly unique opportunity for your children

International Language Camps

Language, culture and fun activities

Learning foreign languages is key to your kids’ future success. Berlitz International Camps are the ideal solution to getting your young ones on the path to success at an early age. The camps are scheduled throughout the year during school holidays and are the perfect combination of fun and learning. Going abroad for international camps also gives your children the opportunity to explore the culture behind the language, enhancing their understanding of the multicultural world in which we live in!

Berlitz offers International Camps in various European countries like Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, England and Scotland. Children are able to learn English, German or French.

What makes Berlitz international camps unique?
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  • A wonderful combination of language learning and stimulating activities and workshops
  • Complete immersion in a foreign language with native speaker trainers
  • A chance to make new friends from different countries and cultures

Take a look at our international camps site and find out everything about the European destinations

A major element of the Berlitz Method® is complete immersion in the target language. Campers are encouraged to speak the new language outside of lessons with other children, as they often do not share the same native tongue. The exciting activities keep your kids engaged as they learn through communicating with the group, building a confidence to speak that will remain long after they return home.

Customized lessons with native speaker trainers

Every Berlitz trainer is a native speaker and has all the necessary skills and training to keep your kids motivated throughout the camp time. Lessons are customized to match the specific needs of each child, ensuring a unique experience designed to achieve the highest level of success by the end of camp.

The Berlitz international camps are conveniently scheduled during regular school holidays throughout the year. Contact your local Berlitz center for more information about camp dates and locations.


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