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Learning Spanish B1
August 05, 2019

Del Atlántico al Mediterráneo por la orilla del mar
(By Virginia Azañedo)

Le invitamos a pasear con ECOS. Éste es un viaje muy especial: a pie y siguiendo la costa. Entre el azul del mar y el verde de los pinos. Un viaje con rachas de viento y buen humor, un viaj...

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La moka
Learning Italian B1
August 05, 2019

by Salvatore Viola

Ci sono oggetti cari, anzi carissimi. Sono quelle “cose” che, in forma di piacevoli abitudini, occupano un posto molto speciale. Ci aiutano a cominciare bene la giornata, per esempio, ...

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Grasse met le monde au parfum
Learning French B1
August 05, 2019

Les savoir-faire liés aux parfums de Grasse, sur la Côte d’Azur, sont désormais inscrits au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco. Une excellente nouvelle pour cette ville...

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German speakers around the world
October 09, 2018

The German language is represented in every corner of the world.

Around 289 million people around the world either speak it or have learnt it at some point. Roughly 103 million of those grew up with the language and name German as their mother tongue. So in wh...

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The mother of all languages - fact or fiction?
February 07, 2018

There are around 7,000 languages in the world

An almost unfathomable inventory of different words for one and the same thing. Some languages are closely related, others just have common roots, and yet more seemingly have nothing in common at...

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Is the ‘language death of German’ nothing more than humbug?
November 03, 2017

Is good German, the German of poets and thinkers, slowly but surely going extinct?

The younger generations in particular are reproached time and again for contributing to its decline. It is claimed that English words and phrases are taking root in excessive numbers and that th...

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Language Change
September 26, 2017

When words become endangered

In the past, people used to travel by “horseless carriage”. Now, they travel by “car”. People used to flit “hither and thither”. Now, they “dash around&rd...

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How to survive (and thrive) living abroad
March 07, 2017

If you interact with international business partners or head up an international team, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the various modes of behavior.

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Christmas traditions in Europe: Winter travel tips
December 15, 2016

Many of our European neighbors have traditions that we do not. Here are some of the best Christmas traditions Europe has to offer.

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