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Trainings build upon our expertise and your specifications

The Berlitz training process

At Berlitz, the training process begins long before your employees meet with their trainer for the first time. In order to ensure successful lessons, Berlitz incorporates several steps in the training process prior to starting lessons. These steps include consultation as well as design and organization of the individual lessons. Putting in this extra effort guarantees the effectiveness of the Berlitz Method® in the lessons planned specifically for your company.

  • Needs analysis and selection of participants
  • Language placements tests and setting of aims
  • Concept and curriculum preparation
  • Choice of course format

  • Group planning
  • Organisation of all trainings
  • Kick-off event
  • Sending of training material


Delivering of training and support from local educational supervisors

  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Certificates/confirmation of participation
  • Target/performance comparison
  • Recommendations for follow-up action


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+41 800 252500

Hours of availability:

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 18 pm

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