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Language: danois

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High flexibility and maximum efficiency


Vos avantages

Benefits of our Face-to-Face Individual courses

  • Course plans custom-designed according to your needs and requests
  • Quick results and increase of your employee’s confidence to speak
  • Native speaker trainers for teaching language and cross-cultural skills
  • Flexible scheduling, location and course duration to fit your employees’ workload


  • Language: danois
  • Start level: Berlitz Levels/CEF Level: For everyone
  • Location: BBS Switzerland
Individual Face-to-Face Instruction is a very efficient path to ensure your employees master a new language and learn cultural behaviors quickly. Berlitz offers a private language instructor working closely with your employees to achieve your corporate goals. The personal attention of an instructor guarantees learners always work at a pace that is appropriate for them. The trainer will slow down and focus on specific areas when extra support is needed or challenge your employees further in areas where they excel.
Language courses catered to your business objectives
The content and materials used in the courses focus on your industry. This gives employees the ability to immediately apply the language skills in their job and increase their business performance. The combination of immersion in the language and specialized course content guarantees your company achieve your language goals efficiently. For greater flexibility, we will work with you and with your employee to determine when lessons will be scheduled. You can choose to have the lessons at one of our facilities or arrange for the trainer come to your company.
The Berlitz solutions for Face-to-Face Instruction offer you maximum flexibility for your language training programs. Contact one of our consultants to obtain more information about the perfect solution for your employees.

Il vous est possible de rejoindre un cours de langue à tout moment, peu importe votre niveau Berlitz/niveau CEF.

Informations supplémentaires sur le niveau

Après avoir défini votre niveau linguistique et vos objectifs linguistiques dans votre centre Berlitz, nous allons déterminer ensemble le nombre de leçons et votre plan de formation.

Informations supplémentaires sur le niveau


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